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Inplico Jewelley is designed and made by Roz.

Roz has lived and worked in Cardiff since graduating from the 'Artist, Designer: Maker' programme at Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2016. While at university, Roz specialised in larger scale bronze and pewter casting. Since finishing her studies, she has turned her attention to making smaller scale objects, maintaining a strong connection with her roots.

During her time at Cardiff School of Art and Design, Roz developed skills working with a huge variety of materials. She developed a keen interest in the applications of digital fabrication, such as 3D printing, to traditional hand building techniques and, in her third year, she turned her attention towards digital applications in metal casting.

Roz spent her third year researching a technique that would enable her to cast two different metals together; utilising the physical differences of melting temperatures between them. She became well versed in the successes and failures of additive layer 3D printing (of which there are many) eventually figuring out the process that would enable her to cast bronze and pewter together to create whole forms. Her final display pieces for her degree show are shown in the slideshow below.

 Roz later expanded this research, creating a large scale bowl for a private client. The large bowl (pictured in the slideshow below) weighed a total of 18.5 kilograms.

Having left university, Roz had the opportunity to exhibit in at Courtyard Arts in Hertford. Over the course of a month, Roz used their main gallery space as a studio to create a large installation piece. The piece was called 'Corporeal Cluster'. It was built on research Roz had been undertaking as part of her dissertation, revolving around ideas of how object scale can alter ones ability to perceive a piece of art work.

Having now worked with small independent jewellery businesses in Wales for three years, Roz has been able to combine her sculptural practice with goldsmithing. With the prevelence of Covid 19, Roz has decided to start her own jewellery business.

Introducing Inplico design.

Roz decided on the name Inplico because of her interest in making processes; Inplico means puzzle in latin. Roz uses a combination of digital design processes and hand construction techniques to make Inplico Jewellery, which is all made from scratch in her studio in Cardiff.